Endometriosis Posters 2015

Endometriosis Australia is a nationally accredited charity that endeavours to 
increase awareness about Endometriosis in Australia, provide education, and 
help fund Endometriosis research.


Brief – to graphically interpret seven poems written by Fiona Stevens about living with Endometriosis. The artworks are to be used across merchandise and social media to help inform the medical community, business, media and the public about Endometriosis and to generate funds for the charity.

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Concept – The poetry reflects stories of pain, relationship struggles, a need for answers, treatments, hope for a better future and a cure.

Yellow is the global colour for Endometriosis and the yellow dots in the Endometriosis Australia logo takes it’s form from Australian wattle, being a symbol of beauty, resilience and renewal.

The yellow ribbon has been worn for fund raising and as a symbol of support for Endometriosis sufferers. These elements have been used to re-enforce the poems message graphically within the constraints of the Endometriosis Australia brand. Great attention was focused on the graphic balance between the clinical messages and the human female sufferer.

Results – Increase of online sales across merchandise such as greeting cards, journals, posters, water bottles etc. Positive social media feedback with goal of 6000 likes reached.