Poetry Posters 2017

Endometriosis Australia is a nationally accredited charity that endeavours to 
increase awareness about Endometriosis in Australia, provide education, and 
help fund Endometriosis research.
Brief – After the successful response from the 2015 poems Fiona Stevens was asked to write more about living with Endometriosis. My brief was to graphically interpret them for use across merchandise and social media to help inform the public about Endometriosis and to generate interest and funds for the charity.



ConceptConstraints: The poems need to speak individually and together. They vary in length, some very short others quiet long and as Endometriosis Australia is a charity there’s no budget for use of stock photography. The brand palette, imagery and typography must be adhered to.

Poetry offers up ideas of scribbled, expressive, thoughtful and heart felt text, notes or letters – pen and ink, a hand busily writing. The poems speak of medical issues, research funding, frustration, sadness and suffering… To help deliver the poems messages an expressive script font was sort and a hand graphic was introduced – a surgeons hand, a generous hand, a giving hand, a loving hand, a donating hand. Hands can symbolise strength, power, protection, generosity, hospitality, stability, friendship, healing etc. Using their gestures, expressions and symbolism graphically strengthens the poems message. It’s also a thematic that can continue to work for future poems…