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National Coastal Safety Report 2020, 21 & 22

Surf Life Saving Australia produces the National Coastal Safety Report annually. It is a comprehensive analysis and summary of the Coastal Safety teams research, presenting evidence relating to community perceptions, delivery of core lifesaving services, coastal drowning deaths and other fatal coastal incidents. This is a critical report which is presented to Parliament with the core objective of securing funding for SLSA in the year ahead. 

Design Development role:

My role in this project is to collate, distill and transform spreadsheets of statistical data into engaging, on-brand, graphs and info-graphics so the research can be clearly understood by researchers, government, partners, clients and lifesaving personnel. Working closely with the Coastal Safety team, this highly process-driven project requires granular attention to the collation of data sources, accurate interpretation of the data, draft version control and proofing. External print and delivery has to be managed, uploading of a digital version to ISSUU and concurrently, work with the Public Affairs team to promote the report and it’s key findings with the design of social media graphics to share across SLSAs digital channels.

This document is a valuable resource to the Public Affairs team to mine for future marketing, safety campaigns and messaging so thought is given to this across the length of the project.

Always a challenging brief not just because of it’s data heavy content but also in the management of communication with multiple team members and the looming fixed parliamentary deadline. I’ve successfully delivered this project on time with funding secured for the last 4 years.


SLSA Annual Reports 2019 & 2020

Beachsafe Banners

As part of SLSA’s summer safety campaign, pull-up banners were required to expand on the Stop. Look. Plan messaging and what that thought process might look like for Watercraft, Rock Fishing, Boating or Swimming adventure.

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